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Are you looking for a unique range of Australian made children's clothing and accessories that will draw people into your shop and get them coming back?

 My name is Amanda Healy, I am a children's fashion designer based in Southern NSW. I have been open to wholesale for over 7 years, and after 3 children, I am now back and looking to spread our Dusty wings to further areas Australia Wide. 

 Dusty Road Apparel has a huge range of Australian Made & themed GOTS certified organic cotton items designed to fit all businesses from boutique clothing stores, market stores to a multipurpose general stores. We have something for everyone.

 Made and designed in Sydney Australia we tick all boxes for ethical and sustainable not to mention our high-end quality organic fabrics that is highly durable which means families have their Dusty Road Apparel for longer than many other clothing items. 

 With quick turnaround times and an ability to design items for unique market requirement, we have an advantage over other imported offshore products, and we know what sells here and how to sell it. 

 Our product's do very well in the tourism sector and in high foot traffic areas where the garments are easily visible.

We also offer complimentary sales training to maximise your opportunities with easy up-selling combinations. 

Contact us today to see how Dusty Road Apparel is the right fit for you - you will feel proud to display our unique once off designs and as we are one of a handful of Australian Made, organic cotton children clothing brands, you can feel good knowing you are supporting this great country of ours in more ways than one. 

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